Tellin’ Stories

close-up-1839974_1280Tellin’ Stories

Do you like to hear stories?

That’s what my blog is about.

I’m going to tell stories.

 I love tales, histories, narratives, chronicles.  I write them and I tell them and I listen to them.  I love to meet people and exchange these treasures.

I have heard beautiful stories in places and languages that I loved and even quite a few in languages and places I didn’t know:  escaping from the pouring rain in an entryway in Verona, Italy, and sharing caramelo bonbons and tales half in Italian with a couple visiting from Mexico City; waiting for children on a playground in Geneva, Switzerland, and speaking broken Spanish with a Bolivian nanny; taking a train through Europe and meeting a hat designer from Brisbane, Australia.

And on each occasion we told each other our story – where we came from and where we were headed. And we saw the far away look in each others’s eyes – the look of the immigrant who knows what he has lost, what he misses, and what he will search for always.  The look of the traveler who seeks to learn, to see, to teach.  In those words, we heard each other’s heart beats.

Each day of our lives is a story.

 “How has your day gone?” you ask a friend.  And then she tells her tale:

The day was gray as I started out.  Gray in mood and sky.   I called my father who is in the hospital with an infection and he sounded weak and is far far away.  And he couldn’t call his friend to pick him up because he had dropped his mobile phone in water.   I felt so sad that I couldn’t help him but I recommended he look up a friend’s number in the phone book or call a cab to get home.

And then I opened the mail and found a tax bill from a country I no longer live in – that I left fifteen years ago.  The letter said I owe them ten thousand of their currency.  I studied their explanation, I studied my tax records, I called the number they gave me and waited forty-five minutes long distance while doing yoga until a tax expert came on and said that wasn’t her area, but she heard my tale and said it sounded reasonable and that the computers spit out those tax audits and that many, many times they are faulty because they leave out information and yes, I should just write my explanation and copy my records, and mail them in and they will probably cancel the bill.

And then I ran outside to see the open sky in spite of its grayness and went for a walk and ran into a dog-walking friend and walked with her and her German Shepherd and felt better.

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