Voting From Abroad

As the November 2018 Senate and House of Representatives elections in the U.S.A. approach, we are again struggling to vote from abroad. So it’s time to send this blog out again!

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Voting From Abroad

My fingers tremble, my breath rasps.  I flex my thigh muscles and prepare to leap . . . do the long jump . . . go far . . . over the ocean to reconnect with my people, my roots, my dirt.

But first, there’s this little thing called bureaucracy:

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2 thoughts on “Voting From Abroad

  1. Voting is so important, now more than ever. Too bad the powers that be make it so difficult. I can’t wait to cast my ballot this year–practically counting the days. I’m always so glad to see your posts:)


  2. Dear Ginger, Thanks for your response to the blog and for your encouragement! Yes, voting is important. I just hope my family’s votes will count. Why it has to be so difficult to vote is a mystery. My kids were ready to give up but I will keep after them to vote! Thanks, Laura


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