Five Festive Traditions of My Wacky Family

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Five Festive Traditions of My Wacky Family

You may think we hang upside down from the rafters at Christmas, or throw purple socks in the air for New Year’s.

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4 thoughts on “Five Festive Traditions of My Wacky Family

  1. Thanks, Laura. I savored every word of this post. You’ve had such a rich multicultural life! I felt a little jealous.

    Love you!

    Pat Stacey


  2. So great. A Christmas gift for us. You, your stories your writings. So precious. I started a job at Williams Sonoma a beautiful appliance store. In Maine I bought a teapot with flowers on it for hundred dollars. Investment of some sort to my heart. So I said when I get to Texas I’ll get a job there because I had spirit. Yesterday my first day the younger one woman training me was so impatient. That a customer looked at me and silenced I feel so sorry for you. But alas upon my return from my 15 minute break in my 2003 muffler broken car the managers praised me and said they were not going to abandon me and that it was OK. So I florist and Lucia the lady next to me from Mexico said you were soGood with the people! I am living through the spirit of my mother right now she is still living but fading. I see good things on the horizon for you and me and your family Laura I hope to talk to you soon make maybe we can Skype. In gods time your stories will be read by many more and then some.

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    • Thanks so much for your kind words, Kathi! I’m happy to hear my stories cheer you so. I wish all the best for you and yours! Laura


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