About Me

Welcome to my blog.  I’m Laura Grevel.  I write literary fiction and performance pieces.  I write because I have to.  As Thomas Merton said, there’s this writer hanging on my back.  I receive a reward for this burden:  having written makes me feel like dancing down the street.

My literary fiction includes novels, short stories, essays and poems.  I have published short pieces in newspapers, anthologies, and journals of various groups.  My novels remain unpublished, waiting patiently, gathering dust, on the shelves of the living room and utility room, their words whispering incessantly in my ears.  Two are adult novels; the current one in progress is a youth novel called The Making of Carl Caballo.  I have great hopes for Carl.

I have performed and read my work in Austin and Houston, Texas, at various venues, including at Zachary Scott Theater in Austin with writer Marion Winik.  I have also performed in Europe, for the Nottingham Writers’ Studio events and at private parties in England, Austria, Germany, and Switzerland. My performances are mostly in English but may contain an unexpected foreign accent.

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