Broken Swallows

Backlit swallow

Broken Swallows

My husband is gluing together pieces of the black ceramic swallow magnet that fell and broke.  He got it two days ago from a conference he was attending in Lisbon, where swallows symbolize a love of old things, as well as return and hope, and such ceramic birds adorn many houses.*Read More »

Are You In For The Road Or Only For The Finish?

nevado-de-toluca-572068_1920Are You In For The Road Or Only For The Finish?

I was in bed with the flu, lungs full of gunk, wheezing and coughing–when a knock came at my door and my teenaged son entered carrying a cup of tea and a book.  “Here, Mama, drink this and read this book.  They’ll make you feel better.”Read More »