Turning 40 at a Tupperware Party

Tupperware for Turning FortyTurning 40 at a Tupperware Party

It is strange to be thirty-nine years old and afraid to attend a Tupperware party.Read More »


Framed/A Book Review


Framed/A Book Review

“You’re Luddites!” my friend from the city accused.  “For farming with horses in this day and age!”

A rooster crowed; the goats grazed on the meadow.  My husband and I had been too absorbed in the work of a small farm to have studied this movement.  “What exactly is a Luddite?” I asked.Read More »

Palawan Story/Caroline Vu

Palawan Story Book Cover

Book Review:   Palawan Story

A novel by Caroline Vu

Published by Deux Voiliers Publishing


I am eight years old and hiding behind a chair in our living room.  My little brother and sister are hiding under a table.  We jump out and shoot our toy guns towards a young man coming down the stairs.  “Bang, bang!  Got you, Chuck!  You want to play with us?”  We smile the smiles of young children.Read More »