Writers Take Heart from Gogol!

Jounal i Filipa Melo 07 06 2017

Writers Take Heart from Gogol!

My English professor Anthony Hilfer, in the midst of teaching J.D. Salinger’s works, asked our class, “Can any of you think of any good stories that are about happy people?”  He paused only long enough for us to blink.Read More »


Are You In For The Road Or Only For The Finish?

nevado-de-toluca-572068_1920Are You In For The Road Or Only For The Finish?

I was in bed with the flu, lungs full of gunk, wheezing and coughing–when a knock came at my door and my teenaged son entered carrying a cup of tea and a book.  “Here, Mama, drink this and read this book.  They’ll make you feel better.”Read More »