The Meaning of Hair in My Life

Woman blow drying her hair

The Meaning of Hair in My Life

For years, I did not think hairdos very important.  My mother was always after me: “A little brushing would help,” she’d say.Read More »


Texas Sesquicentennial

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Texas Sesquicentennial


“Time to go, girls!” says Maria, the supervisory auditor, pushing back her chair, sticking out a leg, and checking her hose for runs.  “This is important government business!”Read More »

A Texas Ranching Adventure: Coping with Neighbors

Joachim skinning coyote #1 001

A Texas Ranching Adventure:  Coping With Neighbors

“But who are you married to?” the older woman asked again.

“The German across the road,” I said for the third time.

She shook her head and frowned.

“He’s my husband,” I insisted.

She stared at me.  “But . . .”

She just couldn’t believe that I, a white woman, was married to a German.*Read More »

A Texas Ranching Adventure: Chicken Employees

3 roosters 001A Texas Ranching Adventure:  Chicken Employees

Definition of chicken moat:  a double-fenced area surrounding a garden where chickens are allowed to roam and feed, thus creating a bug-free zone.

Driving through the dark on a Texas highway, I shone the flashlight at my book and read:
“Chickens can be decidedly stupid about finding their home after it’s been moved.Read More »